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The ADOA consists primarily of Development Officers from both urban and rural municipalities in Alberta. As well, there are members from the private sector and others including municipal planners, independent planners, surveyors, and engineers. 
The ADOA currently has approximately 350 members. An "active" member must be a person performing the duties of a Development Officer (DO) in the Province of Alberta, or supports the local Municipal Planning Commission.  An "associate" member can be anyone who is interested in our association, a retired Development Officer, a person that doesn't act as a DO in Alberta but does so in another province or territory, or may be a person who works as a consultant or in another government agency.  Associate members do not have voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting held annually at our conference.

Member  Benefits:

  • All members have access to the ADOA website and forum.
  • All members receive notification the ADOA Communicator newsletter is on the website.
  • All new members receive the ADOA Development Authority Manual.
  • All members in good standing can attend the annual conference.
  • All members have access to educational opportunities and grants.

If you are interested in becoming a member and you'd like more information, please contact our membership chairmain/liaison:
Jordan Ruegg Smoky Lake County (780) 656-3730  
 Diane Burtnick, Executive Assistant
ADOA Administration Office
by phone at 780-913-4214 or

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